CBD For Pets

With the growing popularity of CBD oil and cannabis products for health and therapeutic uses, CBD has also shown to be effective at treating pain, inflammation, and anxiety in pets. Let’s take a look at the surprising science behind CBD for dogs.



First let’s look at the scientific research. Cornell University college of veterinary medicine conducted the first controlled study examining how CBD is metabolized by dogs. This research established proper dosing levels and help to determine how often dogs should take CBD for best results.  A double-blind placebo trial was also conducted at Cornell focusing on dogs with multi-joint discomfort. The dogs who took CBD showed significant improvement over dogs who took the placebo.


In the same way the human endocannabinoid system interacts with CBD, our pets ECS help them utilize naturally occurring hormones to facilitate homeostasis, stress relief and more. CBD for cats before and after results have been equally encouraging responses. The pets that stand to benefit the most from CBD generally suffer from separation anxiety and fear of thunder or fireworks. As well as geriatric or recovering pets who suffer from inflammation and pain. Much like human athletes, studies have shown animal athletes can benefit from higher doses at more frequent intervals. Hunting dogs, sport dogs, or even your ambitious pup hiking partner can benefit from the powerful recovery effects of CBD.



Earth to Mind is dedicated to your pet’s quality of life like they were our own fur babies. Our products have been tested and approved by The Board of Medicine and fully USDA certified organic so you can be confident we get the highest quality CBD for you fur baby! We combine a love of science with a passion for service and a love for animals. That’s how we’re getting to the heart and science of better pet health.