Earth to Mind Eco-Conscious Packaging

According to the EPA, an estimated 14.5 million tons of plastic containers and packaging were generated in 2018. Out of that, roughly 70% ended up in the landfill (not cool)👎. In some cases, it takes plastic up to 600 years to fully decompose. With an island of plastic in the Pacific Ocean and landfills filling up all around us, here at Earth to Mind we choose the road less traveled. While online sales are convenient for consumers, and great for companies’ bottom lines, all that packaging is wreaking havoc with the environment.

Need more evidence? Just check out these stats:

Why Your Company Needs to Be Eco-Friendly

You may not think that some Styrofoam peanuts here, or some unnecessary packaging there, matters in the grand scheme of things. Right?

But think again. It all adds up, big time.

And this is not just someone else’s problem. Companies of all sizes need to do their part.

Let’s check out some stats to put it all in perspective:

But all is not lost. There are steps we can take that have a big impact:

Most of us are waking up to be increasingly eco-conscious and want to do our part to protect the planet we all live on. How does one person make a difference? By choosing with your dollars and supporting brands that are moving in the same direction as you! In the end, we all have the choice to buy products that are aware of their footprint or not.

Long story short, the earth is covered with single-use plastic packaging. In comparison, our tubes are made from 100% paper that biodegrades in natural environment, is reusable and functional. We made the move to paper tubes, so our customers don’t have to compromise the things they want for what is right for our planet. Choose mother earth. Choose paper tubes!


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